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Clover Dee

Clover Dee
Art Category: Installation/Gurilla

Description of your art: I am a local Chicago artist who is interested in the circulation of objects.  The project that I have been actively working on for the past 2 years involves the placement of doll parts where ever I go. I tuck a note inside of each doll part asking the finder to contact me and mail me photos of what they have done with the doll part.  I post these photos on a myspace page, and I am accumulating as many images as possible.  I also mail packages of doll parts to other cities, and I give these doll parts to the many random people whom I encounter on a daily basis, both in Chicago and when I travel.
These doll parts have traveled through the U.S. to such states as Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Oregon, California, New York, Las Vegas, Colorado, Missouri, upon others.  They have also made it as far as Venezuela, Mexico and the Bahamas.  The goal of my project is to document as many people's responses as possible- and to get people to interact with the unexpected.

Artist Address:
4053 W Patterson 60641 
Chicago IL
Contact Person: Teresa Melzer
Phone: 773-682-0483

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