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Israel Alpizar

Art Category: Video, Oil, Sculpture, Jewelry, music

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Consciousness, Sub-consciousness, sacred geometry, the Rhythm and patterns of life, surrealism, video, 2d and 2d art, clouds, music, the strange and unusual, green thinking, eco art, hallucinagens, altered states of being, modern self sustained living--free lance artist, filmmaker, photographer, musician, designer, conceptualizer   
I bring my self to a different state of Consciousness and share my visions to the world. My philosophy in life is bringing new ways of living and thinking to the patterns in which we surround our lucid lives in the melting fuse of perceptions. To give a Peace in Mind from a piece of mine.    Let's take a piece of ourselves to construct each other.

A fusion between the reality in which stands around me and the reality that floats within me.
Really it's the search for the meaning between both worlds and how one another react to each others cycles of being.
Fused into the form in which we call life and how mine also interacts with other's lives and way of seeing themselves within. A peace in mind from piece of mine.

Artist Address:
8705 Antioch Rd. #105 53186 
Salem Wisconsin
Contact Person: izz
Phone: 262-914-5545
Fax: don't have one

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