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Jeremy Smith

Art Category: Fine Art/Visual Art

Description of your art:
 I'm in the process of painting everything I own individually on a 1 x 1 unprimed muslin canvas exploring the idea of ownership; both over material objects and our own bodies. On a long enough timeline; everything dies. Our objects we claim as our own often outlive us. In realizing this, what becomes the importance of collecting objects and placing worth over things which, like us won't last forever. The same idea can be applied to fine art. Is a painting worth more because it outlives the person or object it depicts? Eventually the painting itself, no matter how well preserved, will disintegrate as well. Society will crumble, eventually oil will eat away and break the muslin down into its simplest organic constructs; and we'll be dead long before any of that happens.

Artist Address:
1355 N. Milwaukee Ave. #3 60622 
Chicago IL
Phone: 609 529-2190

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