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Jodi Adams

Art Category: Photography

Description of your art:
It is important to me to demonstrate beauty in something that is perceived by society as mundane. I want to show that there are phantasmal characteristics of being, beyond the conventional surface of such structures. By photographing these images within a carwash from an emotional perspective, I am capturing a visual reality that normally would go unobserved.
While driving through the carwash, I have a sense of dissecting the mundane from the inside out, capturing its inner movements and projecting them back out to show them to the viewer. of mild fascination with them. I would enjoy it when my mother would take the time to go through a carwash after filling up at the local service station. When I was older and had my first car, I would often seek them out myself as a sort of ritual, as part of the American tradition of owning a car.
Now, I use the carwash as a means to demonstrate a subtext of mood, attitude, and general feeling that the varying colors, shapes, lights and movement that this structure creates, that I could not necessarily reproduce on my own. 

Artist Address:
2818 N Spaulding 60618 
Chicago IL
Contact Person: Jodi Adams
Phone: 773-383-1636

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