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John-Franklin Dandridge

Art Category: poetry

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I have created my own genre of poetry, or art in general, which is called Electro-Romantic. In essence, it blends concepts of our humanity in conflict/unison with impending technological consumption.


the Bad of Everything Good

                                          Come night I cry,
    “Stranger, please save me
                                 with your attention!
                           Give me a mess
  of ideas to deal with so I won’t have to deal
                   with my own.”
                 Stranger, you and I drawn together
  by fickle circumstance, a coldness
            that forces us
                     to close the door.
            My dog is hungry and your cat
                     can’t relax.
                  You, a stranger no more—no
             stranger than me.
                                   I write
        to keep from dying.
                Now read this and spit it back.





Artist Address:
1316 N. Western #3R 60647 
Chicago Illinois
Phone: 773-203-1736

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