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Leah Mueller

Art Category: spoken word

Description of your art:

performance poetry, both political and personal; I utilize a minimum of props and rely mostly on a strong voice, occassionally adding a bit of music, live or pre-recorded. My poems are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always thought-provoking.

from my poem "Talking to the Dead on Television":

"Did someone's aunt enjoy cooking?"
the master suddenly inquires,
"I smell a casserole!"
"My God, yes!" shrieks a woman from the front row,
"My aunt Shirley baked casseroles every night!"
Another successful connection to the grave
established in time for a commercial break,
"Are you over the age of forty-five?
Have you given any thought to life insurance?
What would your loved ones do if you were dead?"
I am officially in the category of the aged.
It's something I swore would never happen.
My loved ones would probably be clueless.
The laundry would fester in a mildewed pile,
the electricity would be disconnected,
and our decrepit auto repossessed.
My family might end up on television,
begging to know how long they should cook the salmon,
cursing me loudly for shirking my post.
I would refuse to answer,
My soul would repose permanently
on a tropical beach, glass in hand,
blissfully deaf to their pitiful cries,
ignoring all requests for me to visit.


Artist Address:
648 Custer, #1 60202 
Evanston IL
Contact Person: Leah Mueller
Phone: 847-864-0735

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