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Nguyen Nguyen

Nguyen Nguyen
Art Category: Architecture

Description of your art: Similar to the human body, a building is a living and breathing form that depends on the proper relationships and functionalities of spaces and its individual elements to perform correctly and efficiently.

Having a background in biology and medicine, N2TV Studio incorporates the knowledge that nature has already developed and perfected many forms and details, and that these designs have been tested for the past millions of years. Using nature’s work analogously, the studio creates innovative designs through details that are functional and effective. The simplest of building elements such as a wall becomes more than just a wall; it becomes the skin of a living form.

The studio’s holistic design philosophy extends beyond the building envelope to address cultural, societal and environmental needs. Influenced by the empathy found in medicine, the studio’s submission to Google’s Project 10100 proposes managing recycled materials, addressing life-safety problems in confined spaces, providing health-sanitation solutions for areas without resources, and resolving household climate changes and urban planning of Shanty Towns through the design of prefabricated modular “Shanty Dwelling Units”.

Artist Address:
Contact Person: Nguyen Nguyen
Phone: 312-505-9855

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