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REVOLUTION Theatre Company

REVOLUTION Theatre Company
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Our mission as a theatre group is to aggressively produce quality work by up and coming playwrights on the cutting edge from around the world, as well as to rejuvenate rare gems from the past showing them in a different light, with a concentration on the misunderstood, unexplained situations, circumstances, and/or phenomenon of life, and in turn education and broadening the community's view of artistic expression.

Ultimately, we are a group of artists that have a love for the arts and believe in being pro-active in creating our own opportunities for ourselves and anyone else that wants to display their passion, love, talent and support for the arts in the community as a whole. 








Artist Address:
28 E. Jackson., suite.10-R565 60604 
Chicago Illinois
Contact Person: John Thurner
Phone: 312.494.2675
Fax: 312.670.0812

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