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White Devil

White Devil
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The boys of White Devil (ex Sleeper, Passenger) have been haunting Chicagoland for years with their disturbingly beautiful and epic pieces that force imagery on the brains of listeners with no relent. Chaotic 3 minute pieces of hammering drums and guitar and bass onslaught side by side 12 minute ambiance is not atypical of the trio, obsessed with creating specific moods, characters, and places by way of sound. The band picked up in 2006 where Passenger, the 4 piece post-rock instrumental concept band with drummer Samuel Vincent and David D'Antonio on a second guitar, left off (, but leads Passenger's adventurous and sometimes euphoric melodies down a much darker alley that has seen the face of death and pain. This is surely a result of the merging of Passenger's more melodic sound with Mata, Covert, and D'Antonio's side project Sleeper ( a metal/thrash band including vocalist Jon Moreen ). Moreen parted with Sleeper summer of 2006 and White Devil took shape as a three piece instrumental. From 2006 to 2007 White Devil performed sporadically throughout Chicagoland managing to bring both the spacy, atmospheric feel of Passenger and the abrasive, chaos that was Sleeper to the stage, but no recordings were made until the release of the 5 song e.p. "How to Kill a Lion with a Slingshot" in 2008.


"Complex and imaginative, the music sans vocals is transcendental, creating a space for the listener to form whatever they want in their heads. No lyrics here to tell you what the songs are about, just you and the music. Moody and at many times surprising it takes you to myriad places with its brash and aggressive guitars and the striking blows of D’Antonio’s drumming. But somehow in the throws of its chaotic sound there is room for peace, almost a humble approach that reflects how this band is aligned with the truth, the art and the purity of music."

-Carlos Torres of FluxCore Magazine on "How to Kill a Lion with a Slingshot"


Artist Address:
1500 N Rockwell 60622 
Chicago IL
Contact Person: Dustin Covert
Phone: 6307303510

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