Featured Artists

Lady Death


Lady Death describes her art as trihop over beats:  Derivative of hip-hop, her songs have a simpatico and lyricalness that are completely rivetting, they have a depth that is unexpectedly engaging.  She is an original, her own: even her personal presence has a uniqueness that has its own space, and while she has a rich Spanish ethnicity, there are moments that her presence recalls the forgotten poetic elegance of the American Indian, a being in sync with the larger mysteries of the universe, a larger sense of being.  There is the presence of those mysteries in her songs like Energias Floreciendo, and that she only sings that song in Spanish pulls one further into the mysteries and further into the understanding at the same time. 


Nguyen Nguyen

arch2.jpg Nguyen  began his studies in medicine, nearly completing his courses to become a doctor when he became deeply inspired by architecture and form.   His medical and biology background are the basis for his unique approach to building buildings:  He says that nature has tested its forms and details for millions of years:  that nature is magnificent in its beauty of function as well as form. Louis Kahn said that in building a building, one must start with a vision of the infinite and then one has to solve all the practical problems but that once they are 

Baltazar Castillo

Baltazar4.jpg Baltazar Castillo ' s description of his art is: "mixed media combining two and three dimensional forms, along with the use of 'spun' text for an unreadable narrative."   Baltazar's  canvases have a strong presence that defy easy explanation or resolution, and have  a breadth of intensity that makes one feel he is on the move:  The busy-ness of his canvases seems to be held together by an inner insistence on a larger sense of reality and truth, things which can not ever really be captured....


Michael McDermott

MichaelMcDermott_Reduced.jpg Michael McDermott is our featured artist this week:  Here are some comments on his albums that give an idea of his music and artistry:  About his album One Little Indian: "....primarily performed live in the studio using sparse instrumentation;


Def Jam poet Kevin Coval

KEVIN.jpg New Wicker Park Nights ListingWe will be featuring some of our artists in this section:  Today extraordinary Def Jam poet Kevin Coval (pictured to the left here) was added to our roster of contributing artists--check out his site and videos:   Donna Seaman of American Library Association Booklist says about him: "In boldly beaufiful and outspoken hip-hop manifestos....and a Studs Terkelesque openess to human kind's countless stories, fuel Coval's percussive calls for compassion and connection."  Also the teen poetry group he founded, Louder Than A Bomb will have some of its young members performing.