Baltazar Castillo

Baltazar4.jpg Baltazar Castillo ' s description of his art is: "mixed media combining two and three dimensional forms, along with the use of 'spun' text for an unreadable narrative."   Baltazar's  canvases have a strong presence that defy easy explanation or resolution, and have  a breadth of intensity that makes one feel he is on the move:  The busy-ness of his canvases seems to be held together by an inner insistence on a larger sense of reality and truth, things which can not ever really be captured....

we can just occasionally get a bit closer, a glimpse, like in Baltazar’s work:   He and his studio are one of the highpoints of visiting first Fridays openings every month in the Flat Iron Building at the Milwaukee/Damen/North Avenue intersection, when his studio is open to the public .

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