Nguyen Nguyen

arch2.jpg Nguyen  began his studies in medicine, nearly completing his courses to become a doctor when he became deeply inspired by architecture and form.   His medical and biology background are the basis for his unique approach to building buildings:  He says that nature has tested its forms and details for millions of years:  that nature is magnificent in its beauty of function as well as form. Louis Kahn said that in building a building, one must start with a vision of the infinite and then one has to solve all the practical problems but that once they are  solved, the building in the end again becomes  concerned with the infinite, inspires us.  Nguyen's approach to solving the practical problems is inspired by nature, which gives his buildings an elegance of thought and function: A wall is not simply a wall, but it is the 'skin' of the house, and accomplishes an astonishing complexity of functions like our own skin does:  it insulates, regulates temperature, protects the structure from external elements, allows the structure to breathe, prevents moisture buildup, keeping the walls dry, warm and mold free. 
His web site is   We are looking forward to his presentation in Wicker Park Nights and his possible collaboration with one of of the Wicker Park Nights painters.
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