Artist Appearance Schedule for FEB 20!!

February 20:  Last Public  Wicker Park Nights Before It Becomes Invitation Only
Wicker Park Nights
at the Room Opera

Emcee Jerusalem "can you see their skys in their faces?"
Cochise Soulstar
Hip hop: Black Masked Anti-Hero
Leah Mueller
Spoken Work Artist + Seer
Chris Darby
Ask Andrea about him
Khupera Tum
It ain't n horse singing folk
Revolution Theatre
15 Minuet Play:  The straightenouter
Ty Maxon
We're speechless
Hip Hop:  "I am expanding my soul"
CODA dancers
Mentoring through dance
Ryan Suzuka
He's with the band
A Wi Lu Conspiracy
"They are my favorite band"-Socrates
Scott Kladke
Socially inept reclusive misanthrope-photographs
Gretchen Travers
Unconceal - Thinking many things at once
Teenage Rage 
Hottest new Wicker Park Sensation
Sam Fullerton
Man with a horn and his band
Sam Fullerton + Jerusalem
Transcend: to go above
In, Flew Ants / Experimental Music
"Listen, do you smell something?"
Scot Stewart
"doing what your're not supposed to"
Greg Zimmerman
One man band
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