Dorothy Perry: Wicker Park Nights Photographer

Dorothy.jpgWhen you look at Dorothy Perry's work, you see moments:  she captures something of the immediate moment, something that gives you a look into a person's consciousness.  And these moments have an edge, in
that we don’t get to them without a price...there is an investment of mind or heart or soul, or all three...
Wicker Park Nights artists are an amazing group of individuals, and all highly invested in their art: in a sense, their art creates their lives.  Dorothy will be at all four Wicker Park Nights documenting all of the artists performing or presenting their work, and her photographs will be online with a link on this page.  We are very honored to have such an extraordinary person turn her focus on us.
***Please check back later today or tomorrow morning to see some of her pictures of last night's event and of the artists.  Those of us who were at the event couldn't help but notice how busy she was, so it will exciting to  see what she was seeing.
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