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LOCATION: 1275 NORTH MILWAUKEE AVE  (Click  here) 8:00PM 
FOR INFO & TICKETS:  773-349-0689

Dorothy Perry's Photographs of the evening: click here

In case you missed
it,  click below
to see  B.VAX's Feb 6 perform-
ance. Evening details and Dorothy Perry's pictures to follow

 from Dorothy Perry's Februaty 6 photos (link available soon)    
A very high energy evening:   All the performances were hot...HOT--well, take a look at the link above of B.VAX: it’s the only performance we have on tape, and we are getting a lot of feedback about it! His performance gets hotter and better as it went along--take a look if you want some idea of what these evenings are like.  And BVAX talks in his comments on the web about the grass roots nature of Wicker Park Nights, the energy of all these artists coming together, how it might not be everything one expects: but it is this:  it’s a group of committed artists, passionate about what they do, dedicated to being part of a community of artists that are accessible to the public and each other.  As Laura Weathered of NNWAC our sponsor has said for years:  “sharing the power of creativity to build community”  

As Louis Kahn said:  “Art creates a life”  ....It costs an individual much to create art, to follow ones vision, one’s inclination to create.   Often forsaking more traditional routes to making money, the path can be long and difficult:   but as Kahn said, that in itself is the life that art creates: purposeful decisions to get to ones vision, purposeful and often difficult decisions to  remain free to do so.
And in these evenings all these artists show their vision:  No wonder these performances are so hot. It’s much more than entertainment: the artists have something to say, something they are passionate about, something that their lives are built around. 


There is no real way to descibe what you missed, or to give the inspiration of those moments:  but some notes: The evening began with Max Kuccoff and his sextet, who is quite young and phenomenally accomplished--there were many comments about how good his group is: possibly because when you see how young Max and some of his group are, you don’t think they can possibly be as accomplished as they are. 

--And many many comments about our Emcee, Jerusalem who initially registered with WPN as a spoken word artist.  Something seemed to happen to her as she progressed through the evening emceeing:  she got better and better, she found a new art form possibly.  Yet, that was dwarfed by what she did later in the evening:  she sang with Sam Fullerton and his band, but as I watched her sing she seemed to really let go...her spirit hung in the room above her:  she didn’t sing any words really, just sounds that said more than words can....It was a performance I wont ever forget... 

Sam Fullerton’s band performance with her and by themselves: really wonderful ...has a richness that when you hear them you want to always hear them and keep them near...(He WILL be back on the 20th)   And the audience felt that they were part of discovering a new talent Friday:  they all could not stop talking about Teenage Rage and Will Husselman...people kept trying to buy his cds which he has not had made yet....Will is 21 and sings a kind of folk and pop mixed with intriguing lyrics he has written him self: (for example:  “I am in love with my mother, but she lives with my father.”)  .....well we will try to get some of his lyrics on his page on the site, and the word is that our wonderful sound guys, Jon Guerrero and his Chicago Sound Company are going to help Will get his first cd made--and likewise record Jerusalem singing with Sam Fullerton and his group.

Nikki Patin came late in the evening and charmed everyone with her spoken word perfomance mixed with truths and a good amount of burlesque:  she is coming back this week so there is the opportunity to see this one of a kind performer who will be leaving the Chicago area for her tour of Equador.

The visual presentations of slide and so one will be rescheduled:  we will put a preview of Friday evenings talents on the front page later this week:  not to be missed is Kartherine Darnstadt, the architect who created the grass roof in the south Loop:  she will show slides of that and talk about her other projects. 


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