Gretchen Travers   Room Opera

The Room OPera, being created in a storefront donated by Joseph Freed & Associates , is 12 oversized paintings, with an inter dynamic, such that together they are one piece of art.  The inter-relationship of the pieces creates a unique electricity around the room to produce a rich epic experience. (read more )


Richard Serra and Agnes Martin both expressed the idea in their writings/interviews that the work that an artist creates doesn’t exist in the world, that the artist makes a space for it.  As Louis Kahn said, in talking about  Beethoven's 5th symphony, once you hear it, you KNOW it, and you must hear it, you must hear it again and again...
Said another way:  ‘artists tells us those truths, that once we hear them, we know they are truths that we cannot live without.’

        Room Opera storefront interior. Photo by Robert Chavez
  eternal  refrains we hear in the background
touch what is eternal (we look to touch)
it is our nature
to have discourse with the infinite
we recognize ourselves there,
it is the ultimate truth of where we are headed
toward becoming the dust that comprises the great expanse
It is a dialogue that does not come cheaply
And can split open our lives
breaking off with paler and more absurd concerns
And open up a relationship with deeper being,
with the abyss, the unanswerable  ….that shapes our
consciousness to  this larger capacity
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