The Room Opera,  being  created in a vacant storefront donated by Joseph  Freed & Associates , is 12 oversized paintings, with an inter-dynamic, such that the whole room is one piece of art. 
The inter-relationship of the pieces creates a unique electricity in the room, around the room to produce a rich epic experience. 

The Room Opera's immense size, and heroic nature carries with it a lot of excitement, and it is already of itself a destination.  A lot of people are asking  to visit, and people are stopping by and talking with the security guards:   The Room Opera will be open the nights of Wicker Park Nights (the last four Friday evenings of January) and for several other  special events.  For more information about special events, please sign up on the mailing list.  

Plans are being made for special school programs and school classroom visits after its completion and during its tour in the US and other locations.

Other Projects

is traveling art exhibit which is a complete walk through environment with collaged images of pieces of an ancient Greek temple in Italy and pieces of Travers' abstract paintings: the collaged images are blown up 10 feet tall and printed on see-through scrims so that at each step the view of layered images changes.   The combining of modern and ancient energies, and use of  Philip Glass's  Koyaanisqatis, create a haunting experience, and one  that
mirrors the complexity of our modern consciousness, mirrors  how we are always thinking many things at once on many different levels.  Both the US and international tours of Unconceal will be managed by  Lord Cultural Resources.

Project Hera  is the installation of the artists work in an ancient Greek temple in Italy:  In development, projected date 2011.

Sears Tower Exhibit:  Nine month solo bi-level exhibit in Chicago's Sears Tower on Wacker Drive.  Exhibit was comprised of a wide selection of Travers' paintings and included specially written artist texts on the glass in front of the paintings and the on-site creation of a series of 12 foot, 3 foot wide  tall black and white  images now in the Sears Tower art collection.  The exhibit was seen by over a million people.



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