About Wicker Park Nights

Wicker Park Nights are four mixed art evenings at the Room Opera in-progress project of Gretchen Travers.

The goal of these evenings is to celebrate, illustrate, and draw people into Wicker Park and surrounding neighborhood’s electricity of hugely varied talents by spotlighting the dynamic cross section of ideas, and to show what an unintentional artistic and idea incubator just being, living in these neighborhoods serves the energy that lives here. In the early part of the evening, each ‘act’ will be featured for an intense 10 or 15 minutes:  architects, poets, painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, actors presenting a 15 minute play, and more...cutting edge and unusual aspects of creativity, like the paper architects, 

The second part of the evening will feature duets and jam sessions by diverse music genres.  Below are some links that illustrate the special energy of pairing of different talents, in this case Pavarotti with James Brown, Pavarotti with Bono and Willie Nelson and Ray Charles).  There is some thing about the dissonance of pairing very diverse genres that creates a very fresh experience.  The more impossible the combination, the better it seems to be.

 James Brown & Pavarotti

Willie Nelson - Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels

Roy Orbison, Bruce  Springsteen, Elvis  Costello, Jackson Browne, KD Lange, Bonny Rait et al

These evenings will take place at the Room Opera , the in-progress project of Gretchen Travers.  This project is at 1275 North Milwaukee Avenue at the intersection of Milwaukee/Division/Ashland Avenues in a vacant storefront  donated by owner and developer Joseph Freed & Associates.

A portion of the proceeds from the Wicker Park Nights  evenings will be donated to the Marwen Foundation which is dedicated to educating and inspiring under-served youth through the visual arts.