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After the last public evening on February 20th, Wicker Park Nights will become Invitation Only and drawn from Members List of Wicker Park Nights. This list will be comprised of several thousand people from all different professions and interests who have an interest in these mixed art evenings and the chance in the later part of the evenings to meet the artists and each other. Our growing list of over 200 artists will be presenting their work and ideas and performing on a regular basis in the on-site Room Opera project of Gretchen Travers for the next six months, and after that at other special venues.

There will be a $2 membership fee starting at the end of March, but no fee until then.

To insure that the evenings have good a variety of members, we have asked some simple questions below: We have a strict policy privacy policy and none of the membership list information will be shared or used by anyone other then the Wicker Park Nights administration. It is not and will never be a published list like the artist list on this site


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